Waka Winter Classic… Just need you Feb 9th!

//Waka Winter Classic… Just need you Feb 9th!

Attention GreenBand fans!  The Wakarusa Music Festival will be traveling all over the country this winter.  At every stop on the tour 4 or 5 bands will complete in a regional showcase. The winner of each contest as decided by the fans in attendance, will receive an invitation to play at Wakarusa 2012.  We’ll be competing be in the Iowa contest at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines on Feb 9th!

The key part of that is, “fans in attendance”.    It wouldn’t be any fun without you all anyway.  Bring everything you’ve got!  Bring the cat!   How bout the pet fish?  Kids… don’t bring them!  They aren’t ready for this set yet.  Mostly, bring YOU!

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