Lightning is a Beautiful Thing

//Lightning is a Beautiful Thing

Making burgers at Kevin’s tonight, we came up with the idea of having a lightning rod connected to the fire-pit grill. Riffing on the theme of extreme cook-outing because of the lightning storm surrounding us, Kevin and I (David H.) decided that lightning-cooked food would be the most extreme.  Burger dust and meat density were among the topics discussed.  But seriously regardless of the actual electricity in the air there is proverbial electricity in the air too. Things are starting to cook if not smoke.  We have a new album coming out by Christmas time.  We are in the process of securing a new studio for recording and extensive and creative rehearsals, and we are getting ready for the ecstatic chaos of the Green Band summer schedule.  It’s is an exciting time to be alive and the music is better than ever!!! We are playing a show on Saturday at the Red Rock Tavern in our home town of Fairfield.  Come visit one of our strongest advocates, professional garden mastermind Faith Reeves, and check out the amazing custom-made shirts and merchandise she has been putting together.  Let’s raise our glasses to rain, love, music, and backyard lightnin’ cookin!   We love you.  JCGB.

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