112% funded! The GreenBand will have a Van!

//112% funded! The GreenBand will have a Van!

In the final seconds of the campaign, we reached our goal and then some!  Thanks to your support and then a few, very generous, last-minute donations, we were able to surpass our goal of $12,500! Amazing! Thank You GreenBand supporters!  You made this happen!

Every extra penny raised beyond our goal of getting our van, trailer, registration, insurance, and gear all squared away and ready to roll will go toward your rewards!!!  If your donation qualified you for a free GreenBand show, we’ll be contacting you soon to schedule a gratitude performance! All other prizes and merch will be delivered during or before October of this year (2012).

We are more inspired than ever to make and share music with our friends near and afar and make new ones all along the way!

Lots & Lots,

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