The Jefferson County Green Band has quickly become one of the most popular bands in the midwest.

Whether cutting loose at an all-day outdoor music festival, a college, a bike rally, a main stage or a tavern-this is a band guaranteed to lift your spirits and get your feet moving with their irrepressibly tight musicianship and down-home vibes.

Live shows are a powerful mix of original songs along with a few favorite Rock, Blues, Folk, Country and Reggae classics. The band incorporates the themes of love, pride, community, and conservation in their creative mix. It is music played from the heart that goes straight to the heart; that makes you feel good, happy to be alive, elevates your soul and makes you want to come back for more.

We recently submitted our band the which lists bands in your area that you may also be interested in. You can shop around and then come right back here when you are ready to book some unforgettable entertainment for your event or venue. Check out that listing here: Hire the GreenBand for Music played from the heart!